The Cary'd Away Legend

Flipping out!

Our creation on C
Posted by Stephanie Claar on January 02, 2020 in  I love old junk  Increasing home value  Interior design  Natural hardwood floors  Old houses  Refinishing hardwood floors  Staging
On February 17th of 2019, my mom, my husband & myself bought a house in Jerome, ID. Built in 1923. We acquired it by a referral from a past client. The situation financially for him was grim and we essentially saved the owner from a foreclosure! It was in ROUGH shape but VERY similar to the last remodel we did on 3rd. The floor plan was closed off and all wrong for my design ideas. So, on February 22nd my mom and myself and two of my little Cary girls went over to sit in the space and get to creating! I walked... read more

The Legends Legacy

Our full time, full time job
Posted by Stephanie Claar on December 03, 2019 in  I love old junk  Increasing home value  Interior design  Listing's first impressions  Maximizing your listing  One man's junk  Staging
This blog has been created for several reasons, but mostly, by the request of several. We have a lot of questions wanting to know more. In more detail and about the in's and out's. So here we go! The blog is live and living. Please let us know your feedback and leave comments if you would like to know more about something in particular or curious about a topic we may touch on or you have been thinking about for a while. Legends Real Estate Creations & Cary'd Away Properties are the names of my businesses.&... read more

Those old wood floors though

How to refinish and when to declare them
Posted by Stephanie Claar on April 22, 2019 in  Increasing home value  Natural hardwood floors  Old houses  Original hardwood floor  Refinishing hardwood floors
When I first unveiled the wood planks from underneath the not very old, but very used carpet in our project on 3rd Ave in Twin Falls, ID, I was gitty. Like a child on Christmas or like when they hear the ice cream truck from a distance. I even remember hearing Brandon say something like "Steph you are like a kid. I see work; you see results." MANNNNNN were we BOTH right! 1) The picture in the "featured image" of this entry is a picture of the toughest piece of this floor puzzle. No literally, it was like a puz... read more