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Posted: December 03, 2019 by Stephanie Claar

This blog has been created for several reasons, but mostly, by the request of several. We have a lot of questions wanting to know more. In more detail and about the in's and out's. So here we go! The blog is live and living. Please let us know your feedback and leave comments if you would like to know more about something in particular or curious about a topic we may touch on or you have been thinking about for a while. 

Legends Real Estate Creations & Cary'd Away Properties are the names of my businesses. 

Sometimes it gets really fun and we get to collaborate the two, but for today, I'll dive into some details on Legends Creations. 

Legends was started with the Legendary realtor Lexi Roth (see what we did there). I got licensed in 2014 and hit the ground running. Being coached first hand by the most ethical and one of the most experienced in the business. To my advantage, in business AND life, Lexi is also my mom. She is the calm to my storm and the sugar to my spice. The combination is unstoppable and I feel pretty lucky to work with my mom! 

Creations began as a little stage gig we did on the side. This developed from our client's need for consultation on what furniture to keep and what to get rid of before marketing their home. After time, we acquired a large warehouse filled with our inventory of staging material. I love this aspect of the business because we get to explore different eras and styles that our clients have a vision for. We collect our items from all over. Estate sales were the treasure chest to a lot of our irreplaceable pieces. Thrift stores, home goods, TJ Maxx, Real Deals, Pier One, Pottery Barn... all of these places are home to our decor and furniture. We have a few secrets to the really unique pieces and I am sure we get to that in a later blog.

Our business has now grown into a full blown front to back, one stop shop for ALL THINGS REAL ESTATE. We design/remodel/contract/stage/sell/buy in no particular order really. Continued support from our loyal clients and passion for what we do has brought us to a place of excitement for revamping current ownership and creating it for the first timers.

It is so rewarding to give some intel on the market and the "what if scenarios" that often result in a whole lot more marketable product to sell and for a whole lot more money. 

Check back often for some pretty juicy topics. 

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