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Posted: January 02, 2020 by Stephanie Claar

On February 17th of 2019, my mom, my husband & myself bought a house in Jerome, ID. Built in 1923. We acquired it by a referral from a past client. The situation financially for him was grim and we essentially saved the owner from a foreclosure! It was in ROUGH shape but VERY similar to the last remodel we did on 3rd. The floor plan was closed off and all wrong for my design ideas. So, on February 22nd my mom and myself and two of my little Cary girls went over to sit in the space and get to creating! I walked the whole house a few times and when I walked into the utility room in the basement THERE IT WAS! A chimney that I knew had to be running right up through the middle of the kitchen! Not having brought any tools with me (because it was not demo day until the following week) I found the closest thing to a hammer that I could get my hands on in the rumage that the seller left for us and I started unveiling that beautiful brick! 

Now, remembering the last chimney that we found was covered in plaster! and it was one of those projects that I wouldn't want to do back to back... I was nervous to even tell Brandon we were about to do it again. In disbelief, I pulled back the first piece of sheet rock and TADA! Like a bright shining star on Christmas! Almost flawless with just the right amount of character and some lovely spray paint that we had to address at some point! 

From there I drew the entire design around that chimney! Demo day came and the walls came down and then...... there was silence on this project. For MONTHS! SO much changed from the day that day I hit through the drywall to the beginning of the actual remodel. My hair color, those babies got bigger AND Brandon got promoted at Clif Bar and his schedule change threw us for a loop! Projects progressed at a much slower pace! At the time, Cary'd Away (our real estate business) had 3 other projects going at once. One was for a client and the other two were our own. We have one VERY dependable project manager and a few handymen that we shuffle around to help when we can't tackle something on our own, but with Brandon unavailable to work on the physical labor of these projects with me, we had to prioritize. 

It sat vacant all Spring and all Summer. The very end of August we finally got started on the wood floors! We sanded at night time and on the weekends until finally, the other projects were done and my crew got started on the design! The selections were made so far in advance that we didn't have to wait on a single product. That part was nice, when it was time to get going it was all there! THEN disasters struck at another of our properties when we had to evict a disgruntled tenant that left the entire place a disaster! So, away they went again. Not returning until mid December! Finally finishing the first week of January! 

**Note: in hindsight I absolutely wish we would have held off on the demo! I have said a few times that my best and worst quality is that I have a tendency to put my head down and charge! I get things DONE! If I had a little more patience I would have realized that it was smart to put a 6 month lease together and rented the place until we were ready for it. Time is money in this business and it will suck dry your profits if you're not careful! 

The finished product almost brought me to tears! I couldn't wait to show the world what we had created and the floors were the most beautiful, unique in color, urban vibe I'd EVER seen! (like I said in the floors blog and our insta TV, wood floors: always a challenge, but ALWAYS worth it!) See the full before and afters of this creation on instagram! @carygirls

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